How Much Florida Auto Insurance Coverage Do I Need?

Mar - 25 2020 | By

Every state has some minimum requirements for the coverage assured by car insurance policies. You could call it basic coverage or standard coverage. Auto insurance in America should be a minimum of $5,000 for property damage liability and $15,000 for personal injury protection. This is the minimum auto insurance per accident. If you have any less coverage, your car insurance may be in violation of state law.

What you need to know about standard coverage

Almost all car insurance companies will offer you the minimum coverage according to This is usually referred to as basic or standard coverage. Such auto coverage is also the cheapest according to Florida Insurance Quotes. In other words, this coverage is not enough if you want to truly protect yourself against claims of property damage. The minimum coverage for protection against personal injury, which is basically the fund to cover the immediate medical care, is also insufficient.

The minimum coverage for property damage liability includes cars, movable or immovable property that may get damaged in an accident you are involved in. Personal injury protection covers immediate medical expenses but many policies need you to be hospitalized. Emergency care is included. However, you cannot self-treat yourself and claim such coverage.

You would also need uninsured or under insured motorist coverage for bodily injury and property damage. The uninsured or under insured motorist coverage for bodily injury is a minimum of $15,000. The minimum coverage for property damaged caused by a motorist who is uninsured is $5,000. All these are per accident coverage.

Opt for more auto coverage

While you should have the minimum coverage, it is wise to opt for much more coverage.  Both for bodily injury and property damage according to Florida Insurance Quotes. You may also consider opting for greater coverage against bodily injury and property damage caused by under insured or uninsured motorists. How often you drive, the routes you take, history of accidents on those routes, the car you drive and the kinds of safety features it has, your skills as a driver and your record of safe driving will be some key influences here.

If you have significant financial assets or cash to spare, then you may not opt for more coverage. You may take care of the expenses as and when accidents happen. If you don’t much cash to spare or any financial backup you can rely on, you must opt for as much auto insurance online at as you can afford since you never know when an accident may cause serious injury.