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China Continues to Experience Problems Due to Fog

China continued seeing a long standing problem in and around their harbors and seas. Blamed mostly on fog, the Chinese have witnessed a number of boat collisions in their waters. Fortunately, most accidents occurred with no fatalities according to, though that wasn’t always the case. Many accidents featured a number of serious injuries too. Collisions ranged from ferry boats, to merchant vessels to military vehicles. With over half a dozen accidents occurring in December alone, it’s clear 2014 needs to see the Chinese act to prevent future problems.

China and US Have Near Collision

Speaking of China, the country’s navy also had a close call with that of the US. On December 18th, it seems China took issue with a US naval vessel that was present in the South China Sea. The vessel, a guided missile cruiser, was apparently in the waters to observe the operation of China’s one and only aircraft carrier, a ship known as the Liaoning. 

Taking issue with their presence, a Chinese warship is said to have come within two hundred yards of the US vessel, cutting off its forward progress. A collision is said to have been narrowly missed and China alleged the warship was on normal patrols.

The near miss exasperates already tense relations in terms of the two countries’ navies. China has long claimed territory in the South China Sea that Japan and the US refuse to recognize with their navies. 

Many readers will remember that back in 2009, the two countries had another incident in the South China Sea. A US naval vessel collided with a Chinese passenger ship, stoking the flames of contention. This latest incident certainly doesn’t help things.

Fishing Vessels Held in South Africa for Three Months

Earlier this year South Africa’s International Transport Workers Federation issued arrest warrants for 75 fishermen caught illegally operating in the country’s waters. The fishermen, who were mostly from Indonesia, were already in enough trouble before matters got worse for them. 

While they were being processed by the Federation, their vessels were left in the harbor. Unfortunately, they were left aboard and not allowed to leave. Obviously, it didn’t take long for food and supplies to run out. Many men encountered medical problems as well.

Fortunately, a local woman named Mariam Augustus made it her personal mission to cook for the men and deliver necessary supplies, including medical attention. Fortunately, as of early December, the men were being processed and sent back home. The boats, however, will be held in custody by the South African government until their owners pay the applicable fines. 

Vessel in Singapore Capsizes

A barge operating just outside the Horsburgh Lighthouse area near Singapore found itself in dire straits when it capsized earlier this month. The country’s port authority received a call at around 8 am the morning of December 19th. At the moment, an investigation into the reason behind the occurrence is still pending.

Rescue workers found six crew members aboard a safety raft near the site of the barge’s capsizing. Unfortunately, at the time of the incident, a search was still ongoing for five other members. 

The incident served to highlight the dangers many commercial vessels face when undertaking even the simplest of missions. 

Cargo Vessel Catches Fire Outside Brazil

There are a number of things that can go wrong with a cargo vessel. Of them, fire is perhaps the most dangerous. When a ship catches fire, there are very few places for passengers to escape to besides the surrounding waters, which can often be just as dangerous.

Thankfully when the Golden Miller caught fire, it was docked in Aratu, Brazil. While workers were loading a cargo full of propane, something went wrong that resulted in an immediate blaze taking over the ship in minutes. 

Fortunately, everyone aboard escaped with their lives. It’s troubling to think about what the result would have been had the Golden Miller been at sea. Although two members were slightly injured, they should consider themselves lucky in light of what could have happened.

It took a full day for the fire to be extinguished and that was only with the help of Port Aratu firefighters as well as three tug boats loaded with water cannons. The ship is expected to need extensive repairs before it will be seaworthy again.

Accident by the Solomon Islands Caused by Ignoring Ship’s Capacity

Everyone knows a ship can only carry so much cargo and/or people. Most people follow this limit unquestionably for fear of sinking. The captain of the Francis Gerena, a ferry boat operating in the Solomon Islands decided to ignore this limit, however.

On December 18th, the Francis Gerena was awaiting approval to leave the harbor. Whether the captain simply grew impatient or didn’t want his boat to be inspected, we’ll never know for sure. What we do know is that the ferry was loaded with 390 people. The Francis Gerena was only approved to carry 80. 

Soon after the ferry left the harbor, its pump failed due to the amount of weight onboard. After that, it was only a matter of time before the ship sank. Fortunately, there were no fatalities and no one was seriously injured. 

Scientists Stuck in Arctic 

Finally, we close out the year with a story that’s still unfolding from in the Arctic Ocean. The MV Akademik Shokalskiy took 74 people into the Arctic. The crew is a combination of scientists there to study global warming’s effect on the ice and tourists.

Unfortunately, there seems to have been more ice than they expected and the crew became stuck. Worse yet, three separate icebreakers have been sent to help the ship dislodge and all three have been forced to turn around because of the problematic ice.

Luckily, the ship has more than enough food to survive for many weeks. At the time of this article, helicopters are expected to execute an air rescue by Friday if other options aren’t available.

How Much Florida Auto Insurance Coverage Do I Need?

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Every state has some minimum requirements for the coverage assured by car insurance policies. You could call it basic coverage or standard coverage. Auto insurance in America should be a minimum of $5,000 for property damage liability and $15,000 for personal injury protection. This is the minimum auto insurance per accident. If you have any less coverage, your car insurance may be in violation of state law.

What you need to know about standard coverage

Almost all car insurance companies will offer you the minimum coverage according to This is usually referred to as basic or standard coverage. Such auto coverage is also the cheapest according to Florida Insurance Quotes. In other words, this coverage is not enough if you want to truly protect yourself against claims of property damage. The minimum coverage for protection against personal injury, which is basically the fund to cover the immediate medical care, is also insufficient.

The minimum coverage for property damage liability includes cars, movable or immovable property that may get damaged in an accident you are involved in. Personal injury protection covers immediate medical expenses but many policies need you to be hospitalized. Emergency care is included. However, you cannot self-treat yourself and claim such coverage.

You would also need uninsured or under insured motorist coverage for bodily injury and property damage. The uninsured or under insured motorist coverage for bodily injury is a minimum of $15,000. The minimum coverage for property damaged caused by a motorist who is uninsured is $5,000. All these are per accident coverage.

Opt for more auto coverage

While you should have the minimum coverage, it is wise to opt for much more coverage.  Both for bodily injury and property damage according to Florida Insurance Quotes. You may also consider opting for greater coverage against bodily injury and property damage caused by under insured or uninsured motorists. How often you drive, the routes you take, history of accidents on those routes, the car you drive and the kinds of safety features it has, your skills as a driver and your record of safe driving will be some key influences here.

If you have significant financial assets or cash to spare, then you may not opt for more coverage. You may take care of the expenses as and when accidents happen. If you don’t much cash to spare or any financial backup you can rely on, you must opt for as much auto insurance online at as you can afford since you never know when an accident may cause serious injury.

Florida home insurance for my second home?

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Are you a Nevada resident that currently owns a home in Florida?  May it be a second home or strictly a vacation home, you must have it insured properly. Florida is definitely quite different than Nevada. For one, the weather is so unpredictable. One day in Florida can be sunny and beautiful while the next is stormy. Nevertheless, Florida is the ultimate state to own a vacation home or to retire. Florida home insurance from is definitely a must-have.

Sure, you are a current Nevada resident but you still need to ensure that your home in FL is covered. You may also find that a policy in the Sunshine State is more expensive. Therefore you will need to dig deep in order to find a policy that fits all of your unique needs. 

Keep in mind there are also insurance risks if you own a second home in FL. A second home can seem like a blessing, but you need to make sure you are prepared for what can go wrong. Keep reading below to find out what to look for.

  • First, a second home will be exposed to long periods with no one there to keep an eye on things. Second homes are always visited sporadically. That means no one can keep an eye out for leaks, fires starting, and an increase in burglaries. Anything can happen to an empty house.
  • Your main home is located in Nevada, which is miles away from Florida. You being that isolated from your second home, will prohibit you from getting timely help.
  • Finally, think about guests and tenants. If you decide to rent out your second home, you will need to make sure you have Florida home insurance. If not, you will be held liable for any guest injuries and for the damages they cause too.

It has been stressed enough that you need to purchase a Florida home insurance policy for your second home. So why not shop around the web and find a policy that fits your budget? A great resource is You can instantly receive a quote and sign up for a policy within minutes! They can definitely help save you time and headaches!

Remember FL is full of risks never go without coverage on your second home. If you do, you could be financially ruined! Think of it this way, can you pay out of pocket to rebuild your home? Most likely not. Get the coverage you need today.